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Laser Fragmentation and removal of deep submandibular duct stone

45 year old male with recurrent swelling and pain of submandibular gland had findings of deep 5mm stone in intraglandular portion of submandibular duct. The stone was broken into fragments with Holmium Laser and removed using baskets without any cut or major surgery.

submandibular duct stone basket removal

34 year old male with 3.7 mm intragladular stone within the duct. The stone was removed using basket and the gland was saved from excision.

Parotid gland stone removal

A video of multiple stones in the parotid gland which were removed using baskets without any cut or scar.

Parotid duct stenosis endoscopic management

The most common obstruction to parotid duct salivary outflow is narrowing of the duct. The stenosis of the duct is managed using serial dilatation with Sialendoscopy with preservation of gland, its function and in a completely scarless fashion.